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UniTrader Aggregated
Risk Manager

Simple to understand

Detailed view or aggregate

Accommodates numerous platforms

Risk, P&L, Positions

The Risk Aggregator helps Market Makers with numerous platforms to make sense of their risk exposure and real time P&L across all financial products.

Detailed view of positions, risk and P&L per platform

UniTrader Risk Aggregator breaks down your risk exposure and P&L per platform, per currency pair and then aggregates into a single exposure. You can choose to see your risk as detailed as you want or all combined in a single window.

FX, Equities, ETFs, Indices, Commodities

The Risk Window can display risk not only for FX but also for other financial instruments, making it unique and flexible. It also takes into consideration different lot sizes in case you are offering different settings on different platforms.

Single window risk management, UniTrader, MT4, MT5, ACT Forex, cTrader, Currenex

If your business operates more than one trading platform, whether it is UniTrader, MT4, MT5, ACT Forex, cTrader, Currenex or perhaps a number of the same platforms, UniTrader Risk Aggregator will help you to combine all your risk exposure into a single window.