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Regular Introducing Broker
IB Console

Fully branded UniTrader Trading Platform

Real time reimbursement account

CRM for demo and live accounts

Real time IB reports

Built in web browsers

Custom social media links

UniTrader offers an unprecedented service to IBs to manage their customers and business while helping Market Makers to save on technical support and be more effective with compliance.

IB with a single HTML link

Broker can send a link to its customized UniTrader to anyone in the world and if anyone registers for a demo or live account, IB will see that demo or live customer. UniTrader gives IBs an instant CRM, where they can see their demo or live customers and real time reporting. UniTrader guarantees that not a single client of a particular IB will be lost to another IB by a mistake.

Trading interface, social media links

UniTrader has a built in web browser and allows IBs to display web links on clients’ trading interface. IBs can either display their website or links to various websites that they believe will be interesting to their customers.

Clients’ commissions, margins management

Using UniTrader IB Console, IBs can set up commissions and margins for their own customers, up to a level permitted by their Market Makers.

Client account management

Depending on the rights set up by the Market Makers, IBs can manage clients’ accounts either one by one or create a managed group. IBs can place trades and execute orders on behalf of clients. IBs can see clients’ information, trades, positions and overall position per instrument.

Instant Brokerage Business, White Label

By subscribing to UniTrader IB Console, IBs get an instant brokerage business and white label, all in one link and with two sets of usernames and passwords, one for demo console another one for live.

Real time IB rebates, commissions and spread widening reports

IB can see earned commissions, rebates or price widening reports in real time. In fact each IB has its own trading account within UniTrader IB Console which accumulates all of its earnings.